Scrap metal prices per pound took a hit

scrap metal prices per pound

If you have been looking at Scrap metal prices per pound recently you know that they got hit pretty hard.

With the commodities prices not very strong right now, you want to be very careful when  selling your scrap.

Let’s take tin scrap prices, as an example. [clicca per continuare…]

Scrap Metal Collecting Tips – What are you looking for as a scrap collector?

scrap metal collecting tips

First and foremost, you are not looking for troubles with the law. That is a bad deal or take it without the approval of the owner, even if it feels like you are doing them a service.

Ask politely, offer to people and small company your help to clean up their property. The scrap metal business has the potential to be a win-win business. The owner of the scrap gets rid of things he could not care less. You get your salable scrap. The environment benefits too. [clicca per continuare…]

How To Scrap a Microwave

how to scrap a microwave

Old microwaves are between the easier to move and  disassemble old appliaces. All you need to scrap a microwave is one or two screwdrivers.

As always happens in old appliances, depending on their status you should decide if it is better to dismount and sell the old parts, repair or scrap them. [clicca per continuare…]

How to make money out of an old dishwasher

How to make money out of an old dishwasher

Dishwashers are very easy to disassemble, but not easy to move around unless you have a truck. Also, only few parts are worth the effort to be removed and sold.

If you have one at home and want to get rid of it, it is better to spend an hour on it rather than sell it as a whole. [clicca per continuare…]

How Low is the Low of Copper Scrap Metal Prices

scrap copper metal prices per pound

Copper prices dropped 5.3% on Wednesday January 14, 2015 to settle at $2.52 a pound on the London Metal Exchange (LME), after dropping as much as 8.6 percent.

This is the biggest intraday loss since October 2008.

It then rebounded on Thursday by rising as much as 2.5 percent to $5,685.50 a metric ton on the LME and was at $5,631 in HK.

Medium term Copper prices are still in a downtrend and lower prices head can be expected. [clicca per continuare…]

Is Gold headed to $1,000 an ounce?

December Gold futures contract slipped 0.1% to $1,170.60 an ounce by 7:55 a.m. On the Comex in New York. Prices declined as much as 0.9 percent to $1,161 earlier today, before rebounding. Bullion for immediate delivery retreated 0.2 percent to $1,170.99 in London, according to Bloomberg generic pricing. [clicca per continuare…]

Raw materials at 5 years low

Raw materials slumped 7.1 percent this year, headed for a fourth annual decline and the longest slump since at least 1991, amid deflation concerns as global equity markets lost $1.5 trillion last week.
Last past month U.S. retail sales felt 0.3%on a broad pullback in consumer spending in the world’s largest economy. [clicca per continuare…]

Where Can Scrap Metal Collectors Find Scrap Metal?

Which are the best places where scrap metal collectors can find scrap metals?

Scrap metal products exists almost everywhere in our daily lives. As we use various types of metal in our everyday lives, they eventually lose their value and we have to throw them away. Once useless, the scrap metal collector comes in and acts as a scrap metal supplier to scrap dealers. [clicca per continuare…]

How to Negotiate for the Best Price for Your Scrap Metal

what is the price of scrap metal

Do you know how to negotiate for the best price of your scrap metal? Well, once you have collected scrap metal, you will need to know how to manipulate buyers so as to give you the money that you are looking for!

There are three areas that any experienced scrap metal vendor can manipulate so as to get the best pricing out of scrap metals. Knowing these areas are not only to a starting scrap metal business, but also an already developed scrap metal dealer. [clicca per continuare…]

Steps of Starting Scrap Metal Collection Business

The times are tough and scrap metal business may just prove rewarding for any person who is brave enough to venture into it. Many people saw a scrap metal trade as a dirty and dangerous job. This is not the case anymore because the returns from the trade have continued to soar, perhaps due to the high prices of metals [clicca per continuare…]

Scrap Metal Collection Tips for Beginners

scrap metal tips

Do you want money and yet you have nothing much to offer in return? Why not try out the scrap metal business? The best thing about scrap metal collection is that metal is almost everywhere around us just lying there and waiting for someone to collect it.

It does not need to have a lot of skills and experience to start a scrap metal business. All it needs is for you to have the relevant scrap metal collection tips and you are good to go! Here are the most important tips of scrap metal collection: [clicca per continuare…]

Copper Metal Prices Surge On China News

copper metal prices

On the London Metal Exchange, copper for delivery in three months rose to $7142.96 a metric ton. Copper futures for delivery in September settled at $3.2705 a pound on the Comex in New York.

The red metal advanced for a ninth straight session in New York, capping the longest rally since 2005, amid signs of tightening supply.

While copper’s recent gains can accurately be attributed to Chinese and US central bank data it is still a metal that’s very much in surplus. [clicca per continuare…]

US Scrap Metal Prices Update

scrap metal prices

The one showed below are the average scrap metal prices in US during the previous 2 months from the date of this report. All prices are expressed in US$.
HMS 1 and 2 (US): $63

Shredded Scrap (US ): $405

Copper No.1: $2.93

Copper No.2: $2.65 [clicca per continuare…]

Negotiating Scrap Metal Prices – Best Practices

scrap metal yards

In some of the previous posts, we saw in brief and in detail about the best places to scavenge for scrap metals, best practices in starting and running a scrap metal dealership business, safety and security aspects of running a scrap metal business, the factors influencing the prices of scrap metals and more. [clicca per continuare…]

Factors affecting Scrap Metal Prices

scrap metal prices

Running a scrap metal dealership business is quite tedious, but is rewarding. In fact, the amount of cash you can make is so rewarding that you can make a living out of it, regardless of whether you intend to pursue this business as a part-time job or full-time. It is only after you venture into this business that you will realize how much money people have been throwing away over the years. Apart from being financially rewarding, the scrap metal dealership business will give you a sense of contentment; a firm sense of satisfaction that you, as a scrap metal dealer or collector, are contributing to the welfare of the society by helping scrap metals get recycled and reused. [clicca per continuare…]

How to Sell Scrap Metals and What is the Price of Scrap Metal

scrap metal prices

For all those aspiring scrap metal collectors, and people who have ventured into the business of scrap metal dealership out there, this is one industry that lets you make money with things that are considered as waste or trash.

Without, or with minimal investment, one can easily start a scrap metal dealership business and make money. Regardless of whether you choose to do it to make some additional money or as a full time profession, this job will reap you financial benefits, apart from offering you a sense of contentment of contributing something to the society. [clicca per continuare…]

Common Scrap Metal Items

scrap metal prices

Starting and running a successful scrap metal dealership business is not as easy as it is perceived to be. It requires a lot efforts to run and establish a scrap metal business and you need to be constantly updated about the prices of scrap metals that can be sold in the market. However, the good thing in running a metal scrap dealership business is that it is a business venture that requires minimum investment. [clicca per continuare…]

Safety Tips in the Scrap Metal Business

scrap metals

Scrap metal dealership business is truly one of the most rewarding businesses to venture into; however, it is one of those industries that involve a lot of risk and safety regulations as well. Over the years, scrap metal businesses has been expanding quite rapidly, and is witnessing the participation of a number of beginners and novices. A large number of people are ready to venture into this business, and in this realm of expansion it will require more safety standards to be followed. [clicca per continuare…]

Sell Scrap Metal

scrap metal

In the last couple of posts, we touched upon some of the basics of running a scrap metal business. This included an introduction to scrap metal business, how to get started with it, some of the places you can find scrap metals and online resources of scrap metal prices. In this post, we will take this wide topic of ‘How to start and run a successful scrap metal dealer business’ and further narrow it down to how you can sell the scrap metal that you have collected so far, and make money.

[clicca per continuare…]

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